Carrefour Credit Card - Apply for Carrefour Credit Card in UAE

Carrefour Credit Card – Apply for Carrefour Credit Card in UAE

Do away with cash and carry around credit card instead for convenience, comfort, and security.

Credit cards are not only easier to use but they come with a range of benefits and bonuses.

You can avail discounts and splendid offers as loyalty returns. Carrefour credit cards in UAE give great offers and savings.


You can make big savings and avail amazing monthly offers with these cards. They can be used everywhere and with discounts, you can save significant amount of money.

They come with a range of benefits such as:

  • Introductory cashback offers
  • Weekly cashback offers
  • Daily cashback offers
  • Shopping discounts and exclusive offers

Najm Platinum Credit Card:

  • The customer should have a minimum monthly income of AED 7,000
  • 5% cashback everywhere Visa is accepted for 60 days as sign up bonus
  • 10% cashback offer at Carrefour
  • Shopping discounts
  • Discounts at restaurants
  • Discounts at VOX Cinema
  • Monthly savings up to AED 200

Najm Platinum Plus card:

  • The applicant must have a monthly salary of minimum AED 7,000
  • The customer can avail 10% cashback as sign-up bonus at Carrefour
  • 5% introductory cashback for first three months anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Weekly 6% cashback offer on Tuesdays at Carrefour
  • Daily 3% cashback offer at Carrefour
  • 1.5% cashback anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Discounts on tickets and snacks at VOX cinema
  • Travel miles and shopping discounts
  • Monthly savings up to AED 500

Najm Voyager Credit Cards

This card is great for availing discounts on travel expenses. Earn attractive rewards and air-miles with minimum hassle. The customer should have a minimum monthly salary of at least AED 12,000. This card gets you access into airport lounges and amazing Voyager discounts.

Najm ONE Cash Back Credit Card:

The cash back value on this card increases as you spend more and with increasing number of transactions. You can avail 10% cash back anytime and at any place.

Najm Premium Corporate Card:

If you are a company owner this is a great option to issue to your employees for business related expenditure such as travel and other costs. It will significantly lower company costs and boost efficiency and eliminate any petty expenses.

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