FGB Loan, FGB Personal Loans. First Gulf Bank Dubai, UAE

FGB Loan, FGB Personal Loans. First Gulf Bank Dubai, UAE

FGB Loan ,It is among UAE’s biggest banks and it offers customized financial solutions, FGB offer personal loan with or without salary transfer. First Gulf Bank Dubai, UAE

Emergencies involving money can arrive unforeseen but now banks give many loan options. You can borrow money according to your personal needs for buying a new house, car, paying university funds or hospital bills.

Whether it’s a home to invest in, travel or marriage expenses, you can always turn to reliable banking services such as FGB loan for support and return the loan on convenient terms.

First Gulf Bank gives its customers a variety of financing options to choose from. It is among UAE’s biggest banks and it offers a plethora of customized financial solutions, products and services.

How does it work?

This loan is specifically oriented to assist clients in their borrowing requirements are designed especially to meet the borrowing requirements, whether you need money for a dream entrepreneurial venture or have to foot wedding bills for a child or family member. This service gives competitive loan amounts, with quick processing and great value keeping in mind your short and long term monetary needs.

Eligibility criteria:

There are certain criteria you must fulfill as an applicant on order to be eligible for this loan, which are:

  • The applicant must have a salary of at least AED 5000 for acquiring this loan
  • This financing option is based on salary transfer. Your salary should be deposited in First Gulf Bank. So, you will require prior permission from your employer or company.
  • The arrangement fee is 1%
  • Permission letter from company to get this salary transfer loan


  • The applicant can borrow amounts as high as 1000000 AED from First Gulf Bank
  • The loan can be returned within 48 months in easy installments
  • Rate calculated on reducing balance
  • Fast track approvals

Every individual has their own unique financial situation; visit moneyingulf.com and give us your financial details and we will guide you about the application process for FGB loan and if you are a suitable candidate or not.  Not everyone can afford to pay back according to the bank’s terms and conditions and instead of finding yourself in a fix later on it is better to get the complete information from us beforehand.