Credit Cards Dubai, UAE | Best Credit Card Offers & Payment Options

Credit Cards Dubai, UAE | Best Credit Card Offers & Payment Options

When it comes to the fast paced lifestyle of Dubai, credit cards always deserve a special mention. Most if the reputed banks in Dubai come up with suitable credit cards to maximize the possibilities for the users. credit cards are the most sought after banking products that the major amount of people in Dubai rely on.

credit cards not only help people in simplifying their daily transactions, they offer other benefits as well.

  • Credit cards let people enjoy shopping without carrying a lot of money with them. without worrying about limited cash, people can enjoy shopping without any hassle using a credit card. Credit card limits the expenditure of people because of fixed credit limit only.
  • The duration of credit card bill payment is flexible, hence, people do not feel the hurry about repayment.
  • Even if a person’s bank account carries zero balance, then also he can buy things in both online and offline shopping format. The banks offer short term loans with a duration of 50 days without charging any interest.
  • Credit cards often offer rewards and points that make the customers feel privileged and above all, happy
  • Credit cards are handy and they act as saviours in emergency situations.
  • Unexpected expenditure due to emergency situations get taken care of by credit shield insurance.
  • Cash back options, discounts, special deals and loyalty points make the credit cards lucrative baking products for all.

There are many Credit Cards like Credit Card Without Annual Fee, Traveler Credit Card, Best Credit Card Pay Utility Bills, Cinema Credit Card, Credit Card Leads, Lifetime Free Credit Card, Credit Card Loan, Skywards Credit Card, Carrefour Credit Card and many more.

How Do The Credit Cards Work?

Credit cards can be used extensively while doing online and offline purchase from plush showrooms and local supermarkets both. banks monitor the purchases in order to track whether the expenses are remaining within the credit limit or not. banks send bill to their customers at the end of the month with certain instructions and period of repayment.

Eligibility Criteria To Get Credit Cards In Dubai, UAE.

Eligibility criteria differs due to the different rules and regulations of different banks. According to the current regulation of UAE, those who earn a minimum salary of AED 3500 per month, can apply for a credit card in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah & UAE.

Documents Needed For Credit Card Application

Salary certificate, National ID, Latest utility bill and Latest bank account statement are the mandatory documents that one needs to produce while applying for a credit card. In some cases, banks ask the customers for additional documents depending on their profile.

Platinum Credit Card In UAE

When it comes to leading a refined and true classy lifestyle, people always prefer to keep a platinum credit card handy. Regular special deals and privileges of exciting kinds are the benefits that the platinum card holders enjoy frequently. The discounts that the platinum credit cards offer, let people enjoy healthy discounts at restaurants, gyms, valet parking service and entertainment sectors of different kinds.

Fees To Avail Credit Cards In UAE

There are some certain fees to get credit cards. such as: joining fee, over-limit fee, cash withdrawal fee and late payment fee.

How Helpful Are Credit Cards In Dubai, UAE

Be it Dubai or any other place in the world, credit cards always serve people in a beneficial way.

A person gets ample amount time to pay the bills and that is the most advantageous aspect of having a credit card.

However, once an individual fails to pay the bills for his card on time, he gets charged with a large amount as late fee. The interest fee or late fee can rise up to 36%. Those who manage to handle their credit cards accordingly, always enjoy great benefits while using it.

  • One must purchase using credit cards according to the specified credit limit.
  • Monitoring online purchases using credit cards is always beneficial.
  • Monthly credit card statements must be monitored along with the individual transactions and receipts.
  • Discrepancies must not be ignored if found.
  • Once a huge purchase is made, a customer must keep an eye on the bank statements. Apart from this, monthly and fortnightly statements should also be monitored minutely, especially when the net banking account gets connected with credit card.
  • The credit bills must be paid on their due dates to avoid penalty charges or late fee.
  • Non-payment or late payment of credit card bills always harm the credibility and integrity of a customer.
  • The option ‘minimum payment due’ can make a customer fall into the financial tangle. one may get asked to pay up to 45% interest of the whole bill amount while paying exorbitant rates.
  • Following the SMS alerts and emails sent by banks religiously is always good habit that a customer can adopt easily. the alerts often make people aware about the due dates of payments.
  • Credit card details such as credit card number and password must not be shared with anyone. Banks never asks these information over phone or emails from its customers.

Balance Transfer

Balance transfer is a service provided by banks that transfer outstanding balance to credit cards as well as new bank from older bank accounts. 0% interest on balance transfer is an introductory advantage that most of the banks offer to its customers. The very offer helps a customer in maintaining unmanageable credit card debts often.

Airline Credit Cards

Airline credit cards are suitable for frequent fliers. To book air tickets, hotel rooms and travelling facilities, the very card turns out to be immensely helpful.

Role Of Money In Gulf

Credit card is one of the strong niches of Money in Gulf. The features and benefits that we offer through our credit cards are impressive.

We follow simple procedures while issuing credit cards of our customers which they find totally reliable and free of hassle.

Be it Dubai, UAE or any other place in the world, credit cards always serve people in a beneficial way. Credit card is one of the strong niches of Money in Gulf. Call Us 00971509064015 and Get a Call Back from All UAE Banks regarding Credit Cards